The Site

BrainDump is a place that has been created to put into words the greatest thoughts our authors will ever have.

Sometimes they will political, sometimes angry and sometimes even humorous.

The site is purely for entertainment purposes and shouldn't be taken seriously. Not even a little bit.

All ideas, comments and opinions are those of the person who wrote them. Opinions are just that... opinions. They shouldn't be taken as advice, fact or anything else. Not ever.

If you like what you're reading, great - keep reading it. If you don't like it, stop. Press the 'close' button on your browser tab and move along.

The Authors

You're probably most interested in the people who posses minds that will allow for such profound statements and ideas that are found on this site.

It may surprise you, but we're actually fairly normal people. We are occasionally let outside into the real world. When we are out and about we are even able to maintain a normal amount of eye contact with strangers when we speak with them.

That's about all I'm allowed to write about the authors of this site.

We're great - that's all you need to know.

The Editors

You would never know it after reading the high quality drivel that appears on this site, but there are no editors at BrainDump.

So, let that be a warning: There might be an occasional spelling, grammatical or even factual error on this site

If such things trigger an irrational rage that boils deep within your bowels.... well maybe you should be a contributor to this site... but no, really. If you don't like what you're reading... don't read it. Move along. We will miss you.

Publishing Schedule

Despite us feeding our brains full of tasty, nutritional information throughout the day - the urge for a brain dump doesn't happen on a regular schedule.


There is no Sheldon Cooper style dumping schedule around here. Sometimes a BrainDump will occur at 2am after you've been trying to sleep for the past three hours. Sometimes, conveniently, it can happen while you're on the toilet, in the shower or at some other random time of day.

When a BrainDump does happen... it will appear on this site.